[googlemap address=”1239 Allegiance Way Immokalee, FL 34142″ width=”300″ height=”300″ position=”right”]Our largest development in Immokalee is home to 157 families. This neighborhood is constructed on 50 acres on Lake Trafford Road, just west of Lake Trafford Elementary School. Built in two phases, construction started in 2005 and the final families moved in at the end of 2007. This property was sold to Habitat by the Price family at a very affordable cost and for this, we are very grateful.

Community Profile

  • 50 acres of raw land purchased for $390,000
  • Infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, landscaping) $4,790,000
  • Home construction (materials, sub-contractors, administration, insurance and fees, closing costs) $12,520,000

Board of Directors

  • President: Regina Hall
  • Vice President: Sandra Nedsmith
  • Treasurer: Claudio Ortega
  • Secretary: Geovany Mendoza
  • Jaqueline Evariste

Cardinal Management Group