Victoria Falls

[googlemap address=”Americus Ln Naples, FL 34113″ width=”300″ height=”300″ position=”right”]Victoria Falls in the first complete subdivision built in Naples. Completed in just under 2 years, here are 110 families that call this neighborhood home. Building in a concentrated site allowed far more efficient construction resulting in a great increase in our building capacity. During the time that we built Victoria Falls, we went from building 60 homes in a year to completing 100 homes in a year.

Community Profile

  • 110 homes built at a cost of $9,830,000
  • 28 acres of raw land purchased for $1,200,000
  • Infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, landscaping) $2,200,000
  • Home construction (materials, sub-contractors, administration, insurance and fees, closing costs) $6,430,000

Board of Directors

  • President: Elizabeth Mosquera
  • 1st Vice President:  Silvia Hernandez
  • 2nd Vice President: Rosalia Gomez
  • Secretary: Schuman Theodat
  • Treasurer: Rosalba Londono
  • Yolanda Herrera
  • Alejandro Ramos

Cardinal Management Group