Title:  Assistant Construction Manager                                FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Director – Construction
Essential Functions within a fast-paced construction environment:

  • Assist in house construction and rehabilitation at all assigned Naples and Immokalee job sites.
  • Coordinate the securing of building permits and certificates of occupancy.
  • Coordinate the scheduling and completion of inspections as required.
  • As requested, manage construction projects to meet budgets and timelines.
  • Coordinate deliveries of material and sub-contractor services according to house completion schedule and assist in the correction of blueprints and bills of material.
  • Advise all volunteers and construction staff on work assignments and on safe and correct construction practices.
  • Verify that knowledge of safety rules is shared, that all required personal protective equipment is worn, and that all OSHA guidelines are followed.

Description of responsibilities:

  • Assist in the construction of homes at assigned Naples and Immokalee job sites:
    • Schedule material and supplies, sub-contractors or inspectors as required to complete construction.
    • Organize tools and material to accommodate volunteer groups.
    • Conduct safety and Habitat information briefings for volunteers and supervise their activities to ensure high quality, timely, cost-effective and safe construction.
  • Coordinate the securing of building permits as required by the construction schedule; resolve county issues or questions that prevent obtaining a permit.
  • As assigned, schedule inspections on completed homes and obtain certificates of occupancy.
  • As requested, diagnose and resolve homeowner issues or warranty claims.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.