Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, and completion of all public and private grants

Description of Responsibilities:

  1. Identify, seek and obtain grants consistent with needs of the affiliate based upon regular input from the EVP’s of Construction and Development
  2. Monitor current programs such as SHOP, SHIP FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK, NSP, CDBG and others for new and ongoing opportunities
  3. Ensure and maintain compliance with all grants that have been approved.
  4. Constantly review opportunities on the local, state and national levels and with Habitat International for grant opportunities such as disaster relief funds, homebuyer assistance and infrastructure grants
  5. Maintain relationships with grant providing entities
  6. Write or supervise writing of all proposals ensuring consistency with HFHCC commitments and goals
  7. Meet and work with staff to provide support for existing projects and programs as needed
  8. Manage monthly meetings to vet projects and programs and set priorities for funding
  9. Develop and manage internal reporting systems to audit and track grants for compliance with all grant requirements.
  10. Constantly monitor and report periodically on status of outstanding grants and grant applications to senior management

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must have knowledge of standard concepts, practices,  procedures and controls within the grant management field.

Must be proficient with Microsoft Office

Must be able to effectively communicate with staff and organizations offering grants.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Political Science, Public Administration or a related field– Desirable and at least 5 years of work experience in the grant field