Meet Flo

Flo and her two daughters were living in a single bedroom that she was renting in a house they shared with two other families. With little space, Mom and both daughters all shared one bed and had to keep belongings to a minimum. In the kitchen, they were allowed space for their food on two shelves in the refrigerator and one shelf in the pantry.

“It was difficult, but we made the best of it.” Florine says. “My children weren’t even really comfortable being out in the living room. It was tough, but hard times make us stronger.”

Florine had been working as a salesperson in a flooring store for two years, and though she was good at her job, her income wasn’t enough to cover the cost of a more appropriate place for her family to live. She wanted desperately to give her daughters a better life. She wanted them to have the solid foundation of a home of their own and a safe neighborhood filled with other children and families like theirs. She didn’t know where to turn until she learned about Habitat Collier.

Through her partnership with Habitat Collier, Florine finally discovered the pathway to homeownership that she wanted for so long.

“This moment… I dreamt of it, I wanted it so bad. This means the world to us. We needed more room, more space… and our future will be brighter because of it,” she says. “This is the foundation of our future… it’s incredible!”

Today, Flo and her two adorable daughters live in their very own home, thanks to the generosity of the Schoen Foundation, whose incredible gift underwrote the construction of their home. No longer must mother and daughters share a bed, or even a bedroom, and their living room and kitchen are their own—no more working around the schedules of roommates or sharing space in the fridge and pantry. These are the fundamental ways in which the lives of parents and children are changed through Habitat.

The Schoen Foundation has been committed to making affordable homeownership possible through their support of Habitat Collier for more than fifteen years. Flo’s family is the latest of twenty-two Habitat partner families whose lives have been forever changed by their generosity.

At her closing, Flo shared a special message to let the Schoen Foundation— and all Habitat Collier donors—know that their kindness does not go unnoticed.

“My family and I want to share our deepest gratitude because your donations make this happen. Without the kindness of your heart, this is unachievable.”

This loving family is a shining example of the difference made by each donation we receive. Because of the Schoen Foundation’s thoughtful donation, not only does this determined mother have a safe and decent place to call home, but they have the solid foundation that comes along with it. Flo is already pursuing new goals and has started a new career with the Community Foundation of Collier County. She’s thrilled to be able to pay her blessings forward working for an organization that makes such a significant impact in the community.