Five Reasons to Smile in These Tough Times

While we’re all taking the necessary steps to stay safe and healthy, many of us working from home and only leaving the house for absolute necessities, we know it’s tough not to get caught up in all the news that’s floating around at the moment. So, we thought we’d deliver some positivity to your inboxes. Here’s some good news that we can report from around Habitat Collier:

  1. Nearly all of our mortgage holders are current or ahead on their mortgages with 1700 payments this month and 142 of those mortgages paid ahead through at least April!
  2. Unlike many renters right now, Habitat Collier homeowners won’t have the added stress of worrying about housing stability if their work hours are reduced or if they can’t work. We’re waiving all late fees and accepting partial mortgage payments to help ease the strain on families.
  3. Though operations have slowed with the loss of valuable help from our volunteer force, we are happy to report that we are still on track with construction on all three job sites.
  4. This month, we were able to celebrate two mortgage payoffs and two new closings, even with reduced staff and reduced access to our offices. See the two smiling faces pictured at the top of this email? Yeah, you made that happen!
  5. A look at just those who have closed on their homes in the current fiscal year shows us that almost 70% of Habitat homeowners are employed in essential services. They are working in restaurants and grocery stores, as electricians and plumbers, in healthcare and more, making sure that we all have access to those goods and services we need in this difficult moment in time—something for which I know we are all SO grateful.

All of these things are possible because of your support. It’s our volunteers, donors, and advocates in the community who give our partner families the hand-up they need to build a solid foundation that helps them navigate these difficult times with confidence. While this organization isn’t one of those which can affect an immediate change in the short-term of a pandemic, the long-term benefits of our work does indeed help to keep families—and the greater community—safe and healthy.

It is in critical moments like this one that we can truly see the full extent of the good that results from building homes, communities, and hope. Let’s build more of that together.