Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Within the mission and ministry of Habitat for Humanity there is a place for everyone to share their time, talents and treasure. Some volunteers pound nails or use a paintbrush, others participate in family selection or work in our Habitat Stores. Each person is vital to our mission of eliminating poverty housing in Collier County.

You may also download and print out a volunteer waiver application. Please turn in the completed application to a jobsite representative or submit via mail/email/fax.


Other Opportunities

  • Office Volunteering
  • Newsletter Folding
  • ReStore Volunteering
  • Group Building

Get Connected With Our Volunteer Program

Sign up and learn about Habitat’s job opportunities on the construction site.

Get Connected With Our Volunteer Program

Sign up and learn about Habitat’s job opportunities on the construction site.

Jobsite & Construction

We organize and correspond with all of our volunteers through a digital platform called ‘Volunteer Hub’. This online registration system allows us to maximize its effectiveness and bolster the mission of this organization and the work that it does to build communities, homes, and hope–allowing for families to have a safe, affordable and decent place to live.

You will visit our landing page at http://habitatcollier.volunteerhub.com. Please continue to read below for more information about volunteering at Habitat for Humanity of Collier County.

All You Have to Do is Register Online, Sign Up, & Show Up!

Since 1978, Habitat for Humanity of Collier County has been working in partnership with the community to offer families an all-important hand up.

We are building in both Immokalee and Naples, and while we can use the help in both locations, there is a tremendous need in Immokalee. We encourage all people to make a trip out to Immokalee to create significant change and positive impact in this rural community.

Both jobsites are open 7:45AM to 3:00PM, with a coffee break at 10:00AM and a break for lunch at 12:00PM. Please note that many volunteers choose to leave for the day at the noon lunch break.

Simply register to volunteer then head to the address provided. Please note that because of the nature of construction and the fact that we are building on scattered lots throughout Collier County, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ADDRESS TO THE BUILD SITE VIA EMAIL THE NIGHT BEFORE THE SCHEDULED BUILD.

Naples Construction

Immokalee Construction

Construction of new homes will be on scattered lots throughout North Naples and Golden Gate Estates through 2017. Naples work days are Tuesday through Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Beginning in Spring 2017 we will be building single family homes in Golden Gate Estates. This generally is in eastern Collier County, near Collier Blvd and Immokalee Road. Sometimes it is near the fairgrounds or the intersection of Everglades Blvd and Oil Well Road, other times it is near Golden Gate Blvd and Desoto Blvd.

We can expect to be working in Legacy Lakes off of Woodcrest Drive through the end of 2016.

Due to the nature of construction and the rolling jobsites, we release the jobsite information the night before the build. Please refer to http://habitatcollier.volunteerhub.com to view and register for build days.

Please note: due to the nature of construction, it is best that you check your email to receive location information around 8pm the night before you plan on going out to the jobsite.

Our Director of Construction in Naples is Kieran Freshwater. If it turns out that we have made an error in jobsite postings and you get onsite and there’s not Habitat crew, please give him a call. Things happen. “It’s a construction site!” He’ll be happy to direct you to the updated location where the crew is working. His cell phone number is (239) 253-3277. My direct line is (239) 307-1991. We both are generally available every day from 7:45am to 3pm.

We always need people with advanced skillsets in cabinetry, trim work, and other specialty carpentry skills. Members of our advanced carpentry volunteer corps work independently on special projects throughout both jobsites.

Construction is ongoing in Faith Landing. In Immokalee, work is happening Monday through Thursday and on Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (On Sunday and Friday, the Immokalee work sites are closed.)

Work is ongoing in a static location within the community of Faith Landing. Click here for a printable map. Otherwise, the jobsite is located approximately at 2000 Custer Ave, Immokalee, FL 34142. This location is safe for most GPS units and on Google Maps. It can take as little as 45 minutes to get to Immokalee from Naples. Don’t be afraid. Make the trip. It’ll make a world of difference to the deserving families who are depending on Habitat for Humanity for a safe, decent place to call home.

Our Director of Construction in Immokalee is Michael Solorzano. If there is a mix up, confusion, or you get lost, feel free to give him a call at (239) 248-0906.


What Work Can I Do?


We guarantee that you’re not too old, clumsy, out of shape, or whatever excuse you, your friends or loved ones may find to wiggle out of volunteering on the Habitat for Humanity jobsite.

We have different jobs for different people, and we plan to get you involved in the job that maximizes your abilities and creates the most positive situation for both you and our construction efforts.

Don’t like painting? You don’t have to paint! Too scared to get up on a roof? Well, while we hope to break you of this fear, in the meantime, you don’t have to go up on the roof! Have woodworking experience and want to help do woodworking? Perfect! Have no experience at all? Even better! We will mold you into the perfect Habitat for Humanity volunteer. We’ve been doing this since 1978, so trust us!

Division of Labor

Traditionally, we separate our volunteers and construction staff into three groups: Framers, Siders and Painters.


Framers ‘frame’ the houses, put the roofs on, and generally handle the preliminary aspects of construction and heavy-lifting as walls go up. This is the most intense physical labor available on the jobsite.


Siders put up ‘siding’ and soffits, blueboards and install windows. While framing is the most intensive volunteer job, this is a moderate one that involves all the tasks in between the beginning and end phases of construction.


Painters ‘paint.’ They also tackle all of the remaining tasks that need to be done to finish a home, including caulking and laying vinyl floor tiles. This is the lightest (but just as rewarding) level of physical work on the jobsite.

But What Do I Wear?


Most wear sneakers, shorts, a tee shirt, a bandana to wipe off their face, a baseball cap, and sunglasses when working out on the construction site.

Do what’s comfortable for you— if that’s jeans and steel toed boots, that’s fine too!

Southwest Florida is known for having mosquitoes. If you are prone to mosquito bites, then please bring/use repellent. It’s a typical Florida thing. In a similar vein, make plans to bring/wear sunscreen.

When it’s colder, naturally, pants and a sweater or jacket are perfectly acceptable. If it’s raining, a poncho or umbrella is often useful.