American Dream: New Habitat Collier Homeowner Celebrates First 4th of July as US Citizen

Ericaka Davis, American CitizenWhile watching American movies with friends as a teenager in Jamaica, Habitat Homeowner Ericaka Davis dreamed of becoming an American Citizen and enjoying the opportunities specific to the United States. Her determination became even stronger after her son Eric was born. Although some people discouraged her from pursuing this dream, she believed if she worked hard enough she could make it in America.

Once here Ericaka found two jobs to make ends meet. Working with the elderly, she worried about where she would be at their age if she continued paying rent and was never able to own her own home. She was aware of Habitat for Humanity but she was nervous she would not be qualified. She remembers being lost in thought at work one day when someone asked her if she had ever looked into it. Ericaka believes that maybe God sent this message to her.

Becoming a Homeowner in America

She was off from work the next day and decided the time had come to take the first step and visit the Habitat office. During the application process she was worried that she phoned the office too often, but she was determined to see the dream of home ownership come true and she wanted to do everything possible to make it happen quickly. Ericaka and Eric closed on their beautiful new home on March 20, 2015.

Eric has received special recognition at school, including multiple awards for Student of the Week. He plans to continue his studies to become a doctor. But this wasn’t enough for him. Eric would often come home from school and tell his mom that he wanted to be an American like his classmates.

Completing her American Dream

Ericaka interviewed by Wink News on becoming an American Citizen

Ericaka Davis is interviewed about her story by Wink News

Ericaka knew that the process to become a US citizen was very difficult and she would have to pass a challenging test. But she committed to succeed knowing “I have to do what I have to do for my son.” She faithfully listened to CD’s to learn the facts on which she would be tested. Near the end of the process a friend was helping her study and she remarked that Ericaka had nothing to worry about. She knew all the answers. In fact, when Ericaka completed the test, she answered all 100 questions correctly, surprising even herself!

This will be the first 4th of July that Ericaka celebrates as a U.S. citizen. She looks forward to seeing the spectacular fireworks with an even greater appreciation for all the privileges that come with citizenship. She has already begun listening to all of the candidates as she takes seriously her right to vote in the next Presidential election.

“I don’t know who I’m going to vote for, but I’m paying attention now. Before, I didn’t pay attention, but now I do.”

Ericaka is so thankful and happy that she has completed these steps in her journey and she looks forward to all that the future holds for her and her son.