Celebratory Final Mortgage Payment Made with the late Mary Ann Durso in Mind

Just after making her final mortgage payment, Araceli wanted her celebratory photo to be taken in the lobby alongside her steward at Habitat for Humanity, the late Mary Ann Durso. “We did it, Mary Ann,” Araceli said, as her voice choked up and her eyes swelled with tears.

Paid in Full

Araceli now joins nearly 300 other Habitat homeowners who know the joy of not only having a safe and decent home to provide for their families, but of having the tremendous sense of accomplishment, having made the final payment on their mortgage and owning their home free and clear. Mary Ann would be so proud of each one of these families for the responsibility they demonstrated and the contributions they have made to the Habitat community.

We thank Araceli for letting us share in this beautiful and celebratory moment, and congratulate her along with the other families who have made their final mortgage payment on the accomplishment of home ownership.