Efrain Valdez spent much of his childhood in distress. The constant worry of where his family would move next, who would they be sharing housing with, and if they would be safe weighed on his mind. Although they tried to hide it, the agony his parents felt often set the tone for the emotions of the entire family.

All this changed when Efrain was 13 years old and his family became Habitat homeowners. Having a safe place to call home gave Efrain, and his entire family, the stability needed to thrive.

Now, 14 years later, Efrain Valdez is a true testament to what can happen when the cycle of poverty is broken. He and his brother own a local business. In fact, their great success has led them to recently open a second location. Efrain is proud to now own a home of his own which, due to his success, he was able to purchase the traditional way.

Possibly his greatest success will be arriving this winter when Efrain and his wife will welcome the birth of their first child, a baby boy. Efrain is proud of the example his own parents set for him through the accomplishment of building their Habitat home, and looks forward to instilling similar values in his son.