First Presbyterian Church, one of our four founding partner churches, was out in force building the homes of two grateful families on a beautiful October morning. For 40 years, since Habitat Collier began in 1978, we have been blessed with the partnerships of congregations who offer a helping-hand, making it possible for hard-working local families to purchase a safe and decent home.

When these two homes are complete, one will be purchased by Jean Joseph. He is raising his two sons, Jean, Jr. age 12, and John, age 10 on his own. Their current living conditions are deplorable. The landlord restricts their use of the kitchen and living room and does not run the air conditioning. Their few possessions are crammed into the one room that they rent; two bikes, a small refrigerator and one bed that they share. Jean works 60 hours a week to reach his dream: “to live happily with my two boys and give them a better lifestyle.” First Presbyterian Church members are making this dream come true for Jean as they have for so many families over these 40 years. Thanks to all who share their time, talent and treasures, bringing us closer to the day when everyone has a decent place to live.