2019 Habi-Grads: Oh, the Places They’ll Go!

It’s grad season! 

Dozens of Habitat Collier kids walked across the stage last week to proudly accept their High School Diplomas, eager to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Each of their parents worked hard to provide them a better life and now those Habi-kids are ready for the next challenge. It is only fitting to share this moment with you—the ones who helped build their foundation of home.

Over the past few weeks, we have been checking in with students and parents as they stop by the office and here are a few fast facts that we’ve learned about our new grads:

  • 5 are majoring in Biology/Biological Sciences
  • 4 will be studying nursing
  • 2 future teachers have shared their plans
  • 12 will stay close to home, attending FGCU or FSW (and save money on student housing costs!)
  • 12 more are staying in-state, at schools like The University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University and University of South Florida, to name a few
  • 1 will attend the U.S. Naval Academy

These graduates are just a few of the incredible examples of the true value of the work that you have helped make possible as a supporter of Habitat Collier. While your donations make it possible for parents to provide safety and stability for their children and to work towards a more prosperous life, those children are the true beneficiaries. They keep proving it to us again and again, through all of their successes.

While these kids have already experienced the benefits of a Habitat home, there are still so many more who have yet to feel the security of a stable home. Your gift could make the difference for a whole new generation. Donate in honor of one of our grads, or another graduate in your life—it’s a simple as completing the form below.

Tatianna has broken the cycle of poverty through her Habitat home. Your gift could be a stepping stone for another child to do the same.