The gift of hope

Each year, we are so happy to welcome families into their new homes in time to celebrate the holidays under their very own roof for the first time ever. But for so many other families, a Merry Christmas at home is a distant dream, marred by the reality of substandard housing and exorbitant rents that make the holidays a time filled more with stress than joy for so many families in our community.

Last year, Liset closed on her home just in time to spend a very special Christmas with her children in the home they had been dreaming of for years. In the past, they had been forced to move around, living with relatives and renting trailers— at one point even squeezing the whole family into a converted garage unit. The opportunity to build and purchase her own home was a Christmas gift that Liset and her family will forever cherish.

This year, we want to make dreams come true for more families like Liset’s. Families like Fabian and Perla’s.

A family makes a house a home

Over the past two years, Fabian and Perla have been dealt more challenges than many of us face in a lifetime. What should have been a joyous time of welcoming a new baby, turned into a moment of uncertainty and fear when their landlord abruptly evicted them, claiming their apartment was too small for a family of three.

Thankfully, they found a two-bedroom unit but their rent nearly doubled. Careful to monitor their budget, the couple knew things would be tight while Perla was on maternity leave. Next, they were dealt the blow that she would not be returning to work.

Fabian and Perla welcomed their son into the world only to learn that he had Down Syndrome and related congenital issues requiring extensive medical treatment. While their baby remained in the hospital for two months, Perla was diagnosed with her own serious health issues. Between her health concerns and the baby’s, Perla knew she would not be returning to work.

Now living on Fabian’s income alone, this family has adapted, but their budget is stretched to its limit. So much so, that Perla even hesitates to purchase medications that would relieve her symptoms.

Purchasing a home with an affordable mortgage would provide this family the relief they need to live their best lives. Your gift will give them the hand up they so desperately need to overcome the challenges they have faced.

“I am excited to purchase a Habitat home because it means my son will have a place to call home. A home is absolutely foundational. But a house by itself it just a house. It is a family that makes the house into a home. Thank you all so much for this opportunity!”

Be a blessing to a family in need

Fabian and Perla are just one of the many families who are in desperate need of a safe, decent, affordable home. Offer them a hand up this Christmas with a gift to Habitat. Whether it’s a gift from you or on behalf of a friend or loved one, you can make a contribution below or browse our Holiday Gift Giving Guide, which offers a wonderful opportunity to see the impact your gift will have on a hardworking local family. Every gift, large and small, makes a profound difference for families working toward their dream of homeownership.