Struggling to find nearby work, Virginia visited an area nursery to inquire about a job. Told that they had no jobs suitable for women, desperate, Virginia said that she would take anything.

Now she drives an eighteen-wheeled semi-truck, having been given the opportunity to succeed by that nursery. Habitat Collier takes pride in empowering her to build a better life for her and her sons.

Virginia exemplifies both hardship and hard work. Recently approved for a Habitat home, Virginia is a single mother of two boys and lives in substandard housing in Naples, Florida.


Virginia Overcomes Adversity, Drives Semi-Truck

Virginia, single mom to sons Max (11) and Jesus (14), with no family nearby to help, came to Habitat Collier in desperate need of a decent place to live. The family was living in a dilapidated trailer with floors so unsteady Virginia was afraid they might give out. Their surroundings were not safe, and Virginia dreamed of providing a loving home so that her boys would grow happy and healthy.

She was also desperate to find work closer to home. No stranger to perseverance and determination, Virginia visited a nearby nursery to ask about a job. Told that there was nothing suitable for women, Virginia convinced management that she was a quick learner and she would take on the challenge of the only job opening that they had—driving an eighteen wheel semi-truck! Over a year ago she successfully completed her first long trip to Sarasota and she hasn’t put the brakes on since!

Single Mother of Two

Her son Jesus is about to begin his first year at Lely High School. He is looking forward to being on the track team and playing soccer at school. After college, he hopes to become an engineer. His younger brother Max is going to be a sixth grader at Manatee Middle School and dreams of becoming a police officer.

Virginia’s strong work ethic was immediately apparent to Habitat Collier. She asked if she could begin her ‘sweat equity’ before she was even approved for a Habitat home! Excited to move into her new home in the next few weeks, Virginia said, “I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be part of the Habitat community.”