Overcoming the obstacles

Wise beyond his years

Emisael, his little sister, and his mother Veronica got the good news that their family had been approved to partner with Habitat in September. At their orientation, they were asked to share a little bit about themselves with the other future homeowners and staff in the room and both mother and son were moved to tears when speaking about what this moment meant to them. 

Emisael is a high school student at the local technical high school and also takes college courses at Florida Southwestern State College, studying nursing in both. His mother’s example has driven him to do his best, and to constantly strive for more. He is working hard to one day reach his dream of becoming a doctor. At just sixteen-years-old, Emisael spoke so sincerely about his experience and how he has watched his mother work so hard to earn this opportunity that the whole room was moved as well. 

We asked Emisael to share a little bit about his experience in his own words to help tell the story of why families like his are so grateful for the hand-up that their partnership with Habitat Collier affords them.

In his own words

My mother, Veronica Avila has faced many obstacles in her life. Her life has consisted of struggles, endless hours working for people for low wages, and dwelling in a home filled with generations of family members. My mother is also solely responsible for three children, trying to nourish and provide them a nice life.

My mother’s decision to apply for a Visa came because she thought it was the only way that her children were going to have a better life. A life in America would surely be better than the one in Mexico. A life in which they would not be able to have the opportunities they would in America. She packed her bags with her two little ones, holding onto their hands and holding onto the hope for a better future for them. Living in the USA and adapting to the new changes was difficult for all of us. Language was a barrier to overcome for us and not having a suitable living situation was another issue we had to deal with. Over the past decade, my mother, sister and I have been living with my grandparents and we are so thankful to them for welcoming us into their home with open arms.

I had to mature and grow up a lot faster than a child should have. Due to the fact that my mom had to work long hours, I would not see her from the early morning until late at night. It was very hard being away from her. In the end, I knew she was doing this so we had food on the table and clothes on our backs.

She worked tirelessly every day. She would start crying in front of us saying that she was sorry that she couldn’t provide everything we wanted. On the other hand, my mother’s sweat and tears have continuously shown me nothing comes easy and that there will be many obstacles that will appear before us. We should always be ready to overcome whatever obstacles come our way. Whether it has been not knowing English, working to gain citizenship, or struggling to find a home of our own, my mother has persevered.

Due to the low mortgages rates that Habitat for Humanity offers, families like my own are able to have a house. Not just a house, but a home, a place in which we can create memories which will forever be remembered; memories that will forever be engraved in our hearts.

My family and I are very thankful and joyful to be able to purchase a Habitat for Humanity home. Purchasing a home is the next puzzle piece to complete the American dream.”

-Emisael Vega

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