Charlee Estates

Located nearby several other Habitat neighborhoods on Tamiami Trail, Charlee Estates is where over a hundred Habitat families worked hard to earn and build a house they are able to call home. We are often asked about the unique name of the neighborhood, and the story goes back many years to Charley and Lee Smith. Charley was very active in the early years of this affiliate, working tirelessly to share the vision of a world without poverty housing. Through his efforts, several of our strong partner congregations became active in funding homes and volunteering in many ways.

But Charley and Lee wanted to make a contribution to the community they loved that would last for generations. Understanding that they weren’t just investing in families, but in brighter futures both for the children of those families and in the community as a whole, the couple established a significant planned gift that would help our affiliate to continuing building far beyond their lifetimes. In gratitude for their commitment to our Habitat families, Charlee Estates was named in their honor.


Charlee Estates Statistics

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