Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls was the first completed Habitat subdivision in Naples. Boasting 110 homes, Victoria Falls opened the door to a new era in Habitat construction in Collier County. Being able to build so many homes close together allowed our construction crew, alongside homeowners and volunteers, to increase our building capacity from 60 homes a year when the project started, to the lofty goal we’ve strived to hit every year thereafter: 100 homes a year.

The homes in Victoria Falls took just under 2 years to build, and it was only possible through the hard work of everyone on our job site. It’s a rare day when our construction crew is not outnumbered by our dedicated volunteers and hard-working homeowners, putting work into their own homes as well as their neighbors. It was only thanks to all of the helping hands and open hearts dedicated to lifting up families in need that we were able to increase our building capacity that year and which help us continue to exceed that capacity years later.

Victoria Falls Statistics

Homes Built

Million Dollars Spent on Land